About Ali

Honestly, the classic tell me about yourself line is stressful to me. What part of me would you like to know?

There’s so many sides to me, like every human, and sometimes they roll all into one great person all on their own. What you really should know is I’m here to keep it real, off-screen, human connection. I’ve always been someone to take care of other people and that’s what led me to teach yoga. Yoga really has changed my life for the better and all I want to do with that passion and knowledge is to share it with other people.

I started doing yoga at breweries while drinking beer. Then I started doing it at home after work (which was late because, retail) and I noticed the changes in my body first then in my mind. It’s been an amazing journey and I’d love to give that gift to someone else.

So, I’m a down to earth, no BS, animal-lover, Netflix addicted, craft beer enthusiast who loves a good laugh, especially at myself. If you want real connection, let’s chat and see if I can help you love yourself a little more.

Love, Ali